Listen to «Blackest Crow» by The Body & BIG | BRAVE

We’re going to have another great The Body collaboration in our hands, aren’t we? Granted, being with BIG | BRAVE pretty much gave it away, but the singles by now released only strengthen the suspicion and fill us with confirmation bias. We won’t go in detail on the record here, as you can read our first piece (with the first single) here and listen to the second single here. Ahead of next week’s release of «Leaving None But Small Birds», the two bands have unveiled its opener, «Blackest Crow», which you can hear below. “The loping album opener,” the press release states, “implements gusts of violin and harmony against the bedrock of a droning riff and shruti box that subtly shifts timbre, embodying the longing and dedication of two lovers forced apart over vast landscapes. A yearning, bittersweet track that feels like a perfect fit as summer shifts into fall.

«Leaving None But Small Birds» is set for release on October 1 through Thrill Jockey on cd, digital, and vinyl formats, whose pre-orders are available here.

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