Ars Magna Umbrae to release «Throne Between Worlds»

On August last year, polish one man black metal project Ars Magna Umbrae released its second full-length «Apotheosis», leaving an infernal buzz ringing in the ears of all those who crossed its path. Just over a year after, the band is ready to unleash its third manifesto «Throne Between Worlds», one whose “stylistic code” adopted by its creator “hasn’t changed since last time, but a new awareness now filters through his majestic constructions, the dark atmospheres and the flaming riffs and solo. Even more than in the past, the music is accompanied by a deeper sense of tragedy and melancholy that envelops the songs, intensifying the emotional charge and cosmic aura.” As usual with I, Voidhanger releases, the album comes with a fantastic cover piece, this time courtesy of Dhomth, which you can see accompanying the stream of the record’s opener and first single, «Into Waters of the Wonderworld».

«Throne Between Worlds» is set for release on November 12 through I, Voidhanger on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here (cd), here (digital), and here (vinyl).

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