Unidad Ideológica to release self-titled debut

A new raw punk hardcore collective was formed in Bogotá, Colombia, Unidad Ideológica and their debut will soon come through La Vida Es Un Mus. Besides eight songs on less than fifteen minutes, one should expect a sound that is “very bass and drum driven, full of breakneck, pummelling relentless beats which do not rest for a second, setting a claustrophobic atmosphere for the noise to grow. Feedback laden guitars at times verge on BM, which brings RAW POWER, EXECUTE, GISM, and DISARM to mind.”

Sounds good doesn’t it? Moreover, the album does not come disconnected from the country’s political situation, as the its instrumental is the “perfect background for a raging vocalist full of venom to sing about fear, control, technology, and the rampant neoliberalism destroying their land and literally killing as we speak.” Besides the opener «Metadate» heard above, the band has also unveiled «El Miedo».

«Unidad Ideológica» is set for release on October 29 through La Vida Es Un Mus on digital and vinyl formats, whose pre-orders can be found a this location.

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