Listen to «Knife and Noose» by Pessimista and Wrekan

As we wrote about last August (you can find that piece here), October was set to bring forth a split by black metal projects Pessimista and Wrekan. The split, titled «Knife and Noose» can by now be heard in its entirety and its physical edition will come at the end of the week through Realm and Ritual. Keeping things alphabetical, you can listen to the Pessimista side below, one which deals with “hunger, social upheaval and alcoholism” and comes as a “reflection of the current Brazilian situation.” The statement goes on to a beautiful call to arms that reads in part “we are only fed with more hate and abandonment. There is no more time to waste, soon the glass will overflow and all the suffering will be retaken at the hands of those who suffer. // In case of hunger, eat the rich. // In case of thirst, drink its blood. // Amidst the chaos, our brothers will break free.

As for the Wrekan side, which you can hear below, note that its final song «Blood Oath» features guest vocals by Jaketeme of Pessimista and let us recall their earlier statement that “a bleak release, that speaks of struggle, despair, human decay and the world we created. And the need to rise above.”

«Knife and Loose» is set for release on October 15 through Realm and Ritual on cassette and digital formats. Orders for the physical copies will be available here, whereas the digital versions can be found here (Pessimista side) and here (Wrekan side).

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