Funeralium to release «Decrepit»

Cover photo by Louise Brunnodottir.

Autumn is here and therefore it is time for some good blackened funeral doom. Enter Paris based quintet Funeralium, whose fourth full-length album will see the light of day later this month. Titled «Decrepit», its concept was born in 2019 and tells the tale of mankind “getting closer and closer to its own demise by destroying their own habitat.” As time went on, 2020 saw the emergence of the global pandemic, the band wrote their utterly bleak opus and is now about to release it. Below, listen to both its opener, «Aviditas», a harrowing piece that does its unsettling job in quick fashion, and to the monumental dirge that is «The Lunatic Escalation Towards Extinction».

«Decrepit» is set for release on October 28 via Caligari Records, Seed Of Doom, and Weird Truth Productions on cassette, cd, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here (cassette) and here (cd). The vinyl version is set to be available through Seed Of Doom on late January, 2022.

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