Monolord to release «Your Time To Shine»

Doom power trio Monolord willsoon release its fifth album «Your Time To Shine». The album was recorded by the band’s drummer Esben Willems at his Studio Berserk and is set to see “the trio looking inward, cultivating the elements that take their monstrous, heavy riffing to new heights with a darker edge.” The album is comprised of five tracks, which span “across crushing doom rock to more spacey, groove laden opuses.” Below, witness the video form album opener «The Weary». It was directed by David Brodsky, produced by Allison Woest, with the two also handling cameras, while lightning was handled by Robb Brown. The video further stars Faith Kelly and Nick Bedo, with Kat McLane, Robb Brown, and Allison Woest.

Besides the opener, other songs from «Your Time To Shine» like «To Each Their Own» are set to showcase “a new element to the band’s repertoire,” with its “stop/start switch between sweetness and abrasiveness.” The album culminates with “their new epic, «The Siren Of Yersinia», whose lonesome call can be heard in each feedback-ridden note and in each pained, buried vocal line.” While those two will have to wait to be heard, the same cannot be said of the record’s middle piece, «I’ll Be Damned», which you can hear below.

«Your Time To Shine» is set for release on October 29 via Relapse Records on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found at this location.

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