Beneath to release «Constance»

Industrial duo Beneath emerged late last year with the «Rose Tint» EP, followed it up with the «Monolith» LP this year and has announced its successor in «Constance». As their previous releases suggest and «Rework», the one single released from «Constance», confirms, this is a duo growing pretty much along the lines defined by Godflesh throughout their seminal career. For the new release, Beneath invited Sam Collisson to provide guest spoken word on «Sun Convulsed», whose lyrics are based off of Vladmir Nabokov‘s poem «Pale Fire» and a «Blade Runner: 2048» scene.

«Constance» is set for release on December 3 through Sonic Transmitter Records on digital form, whose pre-order is available here.

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«Monolith» was digitally released on March 19 by Sonic Transmitter Records and is available here.

«Rose Tint» was digitally released on September 14, 2020, by Sonic Transmitter Records and is available here.

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