Mütterlein to release «Bring Down The Flags»

In 2014, Mütterlein was created by Marion Leclercq, formerly the bassist/vocalist for legendary French sludge / post-metal collective Overmars, as a vehicle to search for “catharsis to override ‘the black sun of melancholia« induced by societal resentments and individual trials.” It took two years for «Orphans Of The Black Sun» to be released and it won’t be long for its successor «Bring Down The Flags» to be released. As its press release states, it “ups the electronic texture, layering, anger and harrowing darkness to express a ‘particular and solitary grief,” with vocals that cover “desperation, anguish, the surreal and the unsettling,” all while the abstract instrumental passes through “borderline-black metal, subterranean sound-design and electronics, ritualistic doom, post-punk savagery and brutally hypnotic industrial rhythms.” Below, listen to the first track of the album, «The Descent».

«Bring Down The Flags» is set for release on December 30 through Debemur Morti on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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«Orphans Of The Black Sun» was released by Sundust Records on April 22, 2016, and is available here on cd and digital formats.

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