Lock Up to release «The Dregs Of Hades»

Grindcore veterans Lock Up are very close to the release of their fifth album, «The Dregs Of Hades», which will be their first without long-time drummer Nicholas Barker. His replacement was announced already last year and is none other than Adam Jarvis of Pig Destroyer and Misery Index fame. The final formation change for «The Dregs Of Hades» relates to the vocals, with Kevin Sharp being joined by the returning Tomas Lindberg for a dual vocal attack. Below, you can see what happens when you combine the legendary Brutal Truth and At The Gates frontmen into one grindcore machine via the album’s first single «Dark Force Of Conviction», whose video was created by Chariot of Black Moth.

Unlike previous albums, this one stems mostly from guitarist Anton Reisenegger, as bassist and founder Shane Embury explains, “Anton got in touch, he’s always got millions of riffs, and he said he wanted to record another album. I’m proud how we managed to put it together. We had to record it in home studios. Anton is down in Chile, so it’s all been back and forth. But I think it might be the best Lock Up album. It’s pretty ferocious sounding!” If that video above didn’t convince you of the truth behind Shane’s words, then listen to «Hell Will Plague The Ruins».

«The Dregs Of Hades» is set for release on November 26 via Listenable Records on cd and vinyl formats, whose pre-orders can be found here.

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