Meet Homeskin

These last few years have been considerably productive for the Texas based Garry Brents, who during this year alone already released two full-lengths and an EP as one-half of Cara Neir, a full-length and a split with Sallow Moth, as well as debuting his solo project Gonemage with two full albums too. As if that wasn’t enough, in the last ten days he premiered a new black metal solo project, Homeskin, and proceeded to put out two EP releases, namely, «Subverse Siphoning of Suburbia» and «Life’s Grips to Laughter».

The first of the two, «Subverse Siphoning of Suburbia» was written and recorded in a span of thirteen hours between November 4 and 5, seeing immediate release the day after and birthing the project. On it, Brents explores a much more raw side of black metal than one would perhaps expect, going considerably atmospheric and melancholic throughout its four song span. That said, it’s still written by the multi-instrumentalist behind Cara Neir, so expect a good dose of more out there details and instrumentation along the way.

«Subverse Siphoning of Suburbia» was independently released on November 5 and can be found here on cd and digital formats.

The coming six days saw the sporadic writing and recording of «Life’s Grips to Laughter». As if implying the first burst suggested a language whereas the second developed it, the songs are longer and more developed, which in turns highlights their depressive nature in all the best ways.

«Life’s Grips to Laughter» was independently released on November 11 and can be found here on cd and digital formats.

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