Holsten to release «Odlum»

For the last three years, Holsten has been releasing drum & bass through Droogs, the more conventional sister label of UVB-76. Now, the Bristol residence transitions to the more experimental imprint “with a 4-track masterclass in 160 BPM junglism,” one which “sees Holsten join one of the most elite classes in drum & bass demonstrating a first-class proficiency in rolling breakbeats, humming bass and piercing distorted pads.” Ahead of its release next month, the entirety of the EP can be heard below.

«Odlum» is set for release on December 3 through UVB-76 on digital and vinyl formats. Pre-orders for the digital version can be found here (the vinyl one sold-out rather quickly).

If you would like to support our work here in Nether, you can do so by becoming a patron at this location.

«Sealed In Time» was released on February 26 through Droogs and is digitally available here.

«Abscess / Momentum» was released on September 14, 2018, through Droogs and is digitally available here.

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