Boss to release «Cash ‘Em In»

The year was 2018, the collective comprised of legendary punk musicians/engineers Jonah Falco on vocals and Maxime Smadja on guitars, Amaury Benitez on bass and (The) Chisel boys Charlie Manning Walker on guitars and Nick Sarnella on drums,the release called «Steel Box Single», and Goner the label. Thus began Boss, whose follow up release is coming soon and is called «Cash ‘Em In». As the lovely people over at Static Shock explain, it is “a disgustingly catchy yet charming ode to the lost art of picking up one lucky person and, well, chucking them over a bar. Might as well, right?” As for the music, think of something between early UK punk and glam rock ‘n’ roll. On top of all that, Chisel boy Cal pops up to provide full instructions.” Just listen to ’em below, it’s worth it.

«Cash ‘Em In» is set for release on December 3 through Static Shock Records on digital and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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«Steel Box Single» was released through Goner on March 26, 2018, and is digitally available here.

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