Listen to «Soleils Couchants» by Kreationist

One person experimental black metan project Kreationist is mere days away from the release of its first full-length «Dans L’Interminable», whose literary inspiration lies in Paul Verlaine and late 19th century Paris’ Fin de Siecle period, where ‘les Poetes Maudites’ “made it their mission to turn poetry upside down and inside out.” Since we last wrote about the album upon its announcement here (you will also find the «Il Pleure Dans Mon Coeur» for stream on that link), a second single has been released in «Soleils Couchants», which you can hear below.

«Dans L’Interminable» is set for release on November 26 through I, Voidhanger on cd and digital formats. Pre-orders can be found here (cd) and here (digital).

If you would like to support our work here in Nether, you can do so by becoming a patron at this location.

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