Boris to release «W»

Update: ahead of the release of «W» on January 21, the band has unveiled a new video for the song «Beyond Good and Evil», directed by YUTARO from Art Love Music. The new single wholeheartedly fits into the softer nature of the album suggested by its press release, is showcased on a gorgeously looking video and displays the band’s tonal mastery even within the softer setting of «W». You can find the video at the bottom of the piece.

One of the finest punk albums of 2020 came from a surprising source, that of Japanese drone rock masters Boris, whose «No» is still in heavy rotation in these parts. However, that release was not the full story, as “the band self-released the album, desiring to get it out as quickly as possible but intentionally called the final track on the album «Interlude» while planning its follow up.” Said follow up shall arrive early next year through «W», which will be their first release through Sacred Bones. It is set to open “with the same melody as «Interlude» in a piece titled «I want to go to the side where you can touch…» and in contrast to the extreme sounds found on «No», this new album whispers into the listener’s ear with a trembling hazy sound meant to awaken sensation.” The album features Wata on lead vocals and ranges from noise to new age. Together with its predecessor, the two pieces “weave together to form NOW, a duo of releases that respond to one another. In following their hardest album with this sensuous thundering masterpiece they are creating a continuous circle of harshness and healing, one that seems more relevant now than ever and shows the band operating at an apex of their musical career.” Below, you can listen to the third track from «W», entitled «Drowning by Numbers».

«W» is set for release on January 21, 2022, through Sacred Bones on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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«No» was self-released on July 3, 2020, and is available here on digital format.

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