Rik and the Pigs to release «The Last Laugh»

Who doesn’t like to drown in that 80s punk hardcore filth? Having some garage rock undertones to go around doesn’t hurt either. Enter Rik and the Pigs, the self described “laziest delinquent sort of pig slobs ever born” who were active between 2015 and 2018. Just before their demise, they had two final recording sessions in California, the resulting of which will be released this Friday as «The Last Laugh». “They skipped town before paying the bill, but we’ve stepped in to pick up the tab because we think it’s a great value,” the press release from Lumpy Records explains, before adding that the record’s centre piece, «Life’s A Bust» is a hit, “a scording groove that lasts 7 minutes 25 seconds and still somehow feels too short.” Indeed it does, as you can check for yourself below while admiring that sick artwork by Ricky himself.

«The Last Laugh» is set for release on November 26 through Lumpy Records on digital and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here. The album was mastered by Ian Teeple, with songs 1-4 recorded by Mike Kriebel in Los Angeles and 5-9 by Tony Santos in Fullerton. Different versions of the first four songs can be found throughout the band’s early discography. You can have fun doing that here.

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