Buñuel to release «Killers Like Us»

International heavy rock quartet Buñuel has announced their third full-length «Killers Like Us» will be released early next year through Profound Lore, signalling the first collaboration between label and band, and La Tempesta, who had already handled the last full-length. As it goes, “Buñuel is the sound of a difficult situation made worse by an unwillingness an an inability to play nice,” something they definitely with singer Eugene Robinson‘s more well known band Oxbow, another who if you have to describe in one word would be heavy. With Buñuel, expect an “amalgam of angular rhythms, drum salvos, blitzkrieging guitars and vocals that sound more like threats than promises.” It seems rather obvious if you’ve heard 2016’s «A Resting Place For Strangers» and 2018’s «The Easy Way Out». Naturally, third time ain’t one to start playing nice for no reason, specially whilst recording amidst a pandemic, which was done by Andrea De Marchi and Monte Vallier, with mixture done by Giulio Ragno Favero (who, like Buñuel’s drummer Franz Valente, can usually be heard in Il Teatro Degli Orrori) and mstering by Giovanni Versari. Below, find the video for the album’s first single, «When God Used A Rope». It was directed and edited by Jacopo Rondinelli, features Alessia Roberts and Alessandro Lely, choreography by Ernald Matoshi, styling by Elisabetta Cavatora, make-up by Angela Montorfano, and hair styling by Gianluca Grechi.

You surely noticed the parts of the video comprised entirely of a close-up of Eugene’s mouth, those deserve a separate credit to be given by Kasia Robinson, who also took the photograph for the album cover, which you can see below.

«Killers Like Us» is set for release on February 18, 2022, via La Tempesta and Profound Lore on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. So far, it can be ordered on cd and digital form at this location.

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