GGGOLDDD to release «This Shame Should Not Be Mine»

Content warning: rape, sexual assault.

GGGOLDDD, the band formerly known as GOLD (the change was made to enable them to be searchable, as fans kept mentioning how hard it was the find online), has announced the release of their new album, «This Shame Should Not Be Mine», whose cover and background story can be found below. The album had previously been premiered live at this year’s Roadburn Redux and that live version will also be included in a limited edition of «This Shame Should Not Be Mine»

For all the beautiful music we can expect from the album, its live presentation from last year brought many a watcher to tears and tremors (this writer included), such was the weight of the subject matter on the one hand, and the strength, honesty, and sheer emotion of the performance on the other. As singer Milena Eva explained, the album “tells the story of m y personal experience with sexual assault. I was raped at the tender age of nineteen by someone I trusted and had fallen in love with. And it shaped me a lot. I’ve ignored my trauma and everything that comes with that for many years. It was easier to pretend it had not happened at all, than to accept it. In the silence of lockdown there was no escaping it. To relieve myself from all this I started writing this piece of music, together with Thomas and our fellow band members Igor, Jaka, Danielle, and Vincent. What came out was this piece of music about my personal experience with sexual assault called «This Shame Should Not Be Mine». I carry my past experiences around in my body. My emotional pain and tension worn as armour. Szilveszter Makó translated this idea into this beautiful cover artwork.

The album was recorded by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios and mastered by Cicey Balston at AIR Studios. A first single entitled «Notes on How to Trust» has been released, a song “about learning how to trust again after such trauma. When every boundary is blurry and every person you meet is a possible risk. It’s about trusting others but mostly trusting yourself.” The video for the song can be seen below. It was created by Rauwkost film from a concept by Milena Eva, produced by Arjen van Doezelaar, directed by Guido FG Jeurissen, with Lawrence lee as director of photography, Iris Schutgevaar as art director, Pakiza Sedig on special make-up & grime, Ruben Wijnheijmer as steadicam operator, Jason Hornung on focus puller, Jorick Buurstra as gaffer, and the hand Harset Emine.

«This Shame Should Not Be Mine» is set for release on April 1, 2022, via Artoffact Records on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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