Author & Punisher to release «Krüller»

Next February will see the release of the new Author & Punisher (Tristan Shone‘s alias) album, «Krüller», which is set to feature “a suite of upgraded machines, a distilled vocal process and a handful fo guest players including Tool‘s Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor,” who are respectively set to appear on the «Misery» and «Centurion» tracks. The press release goes on to explain that the album release will coincide with the launch a new audio gear company, “to celebrate and invite musicians and creators into his visceral and tactile world, Author & Punisher is also launching a bespoke audio gear company called Drone Machines to coincide with the release of «Krüller». The gear company launch follows nearly two decades of Author & Punisher» honing in on his craft – meticulously inventing, machining, experimenting, and creating custom musical instruments for his incredible live performances and recordings.” The album was produced and mixed by Tristan Shone himself alongside Jason Begin, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and features artwork by Zlatko Mitev, which you can see below.

The album’s conception began after Shone returned “from his opening slot with Tool across the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand,” before being cut short due to the pandemic. Regarding the increase of melodic elements, Shone explains that “melody has been and is still a part of my sound,” adding that “I’ve always bathed them in a lot of reverb, delay, and distortion, though. This time around, I was bothered by the wall of distortion I had created and wanted a little more clarity. I wanted to refine the sound. I wanted to step back from my own show and analyze it a bit. I had all these competing distortions that I wanted to streamline.” You can get a first glimpse at the results of this streamlining process below, through the album’s opener and first single «Drone Carrying Dread», whose video was created by Monte Legaspi.

«Krüller» is set for release on February 11, 2022, through Relapse Records on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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