Review: Forhist – «Forhist»

Forhist‘s self-titled debut was one of the most highly anticipated albums of early 2021 and while it certainly is unfair to put that sort of pressure onto a band’s first ever release, Forhist is the new creative vehicle of Blut Aus Nord‘s main composer Vindsval. Thus, the justification for the anticipation came from the man’s career. We are happy to report that the result was up to his usual very high level.

Forhist – «Forhist» | [Debemur Morti]

This was not the first instance in recent times that saw Vindsval create a new outlet to channel specific elements in Blut Aus Nord’s sound. In 2019, he had created Yerûšelem to explore the more industrial and electronic leaning sound that so often would pop up in Blut Aus Nord. This time around, he wanted something to channel the more straight-forward and stripped down black metal compositions that for instance had characterized the «Memoria Vetusta» trilogy – it is, after all, from «Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry» that Forhist’s name comes from – an intent which naturally excited the genre’s fans.

The result did not disappoint, as this self titled album manages to retain that raw side to it without sacrificing sound clarity. It comes utterly brimming with the sort of beautiful guitar melodies that one has come to expect from the aforementioned trilogy of albums from 1996, 2009, and 2014, as well as gorgeous keyboard moments happening on a semi regular basis. It is not an easy feat, to sound fresh whilst playing 90s black metal without overt departures to that cannon, but when that is accomplished and one finds oneself feeling as if in a solitary forest, it remains a thing of beauty.

Within its almost three quarters of an hour span, split among eight tracks simply named with Roman numerals, Vindsval manages to thus do what at the end of the day must be seen as the most likely thing, and that is to create an utterly beautiful record.

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