La Milagrosa to release «Pánico»

New York based Puerto Rican punk hardcore collective La Milagrosa has announced the release of «Pánico», their debut through the seminal Iron Lung Records. The band’s sound comes billed as “passionate, claustrophobic, angry protest hardcore,” with their new album a “scathing reflection on what it’s like to be alive and in the streets screaming for change in a world full of bigotry and deafness.” Connecting themes to the title, the text goes on to say that “the pure systemic stupidity is truly panic inducing. You feel your body start turning on itself and suffocating from the outside in. A bitter fucking reality aggressively squeezing the last breath from your body.” All this said, check out the album’s furious opener and title track below, alongside the fantastic artwork that is set to accompany it.

«Pánico» is set for release on January 28 via Iron Lung Records on digital and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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Last year, the band did a small studio performance for Cabina Del Terror #272, which you can see below.

Finally, you can listen to «La Milagrosa», the collective’s debut EP, self-released on November 10, 2019, and available in digital form here.

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