The Jonny Halifax Invocation to release «Acid Blüüs Räägs : Vol. 1»

First it was “junk shop blues skronk” with one man band Honkeyfinger, then the “psychedelic gospel fuzz” of Jonny Halifax & The Howling Truth. Now, “inspired by Henry Flynt‘s avant bluegrass experiments fusing country blues with eastern acoustic music stylings, Spacemen 3‘s countemporary sitar music, and the monolithic drone doom immersion of Sunn O)),” comes The Jonny Halifax Invocation. The project’s debut came last year with the wonderful «Heavy Meditations» EP and now the mighty God Unknown Records will release its sophomore outing, «Acid Blüüs Räägs : Vol. 1», “an instrumental departure into godless raag brut improvisations, layered, manipulated and sculpted into heavily immersive feral sonic collages.” Or, to sum up what we might be up for, “invocations of an hallucinatory apocalyptic near future.” Its opener, «Lake of Fire», can be heard below.

«Acid Blüüs Räägs : Vol. 1» is set for release on March 25 via God Unknown on digital and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

If you would like to support our work here in Nether, you can do so by becoming a patron at this location.

«Heavy Meditations E.P.» was released by Greasy Noise on March 28, 2021, and is available here on digital format.

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