Kluizenaer to release «Ein Abbild Der Leere»

German antifascist black metal crafters Kluizenaer have announced the release of their second full-length, «Ein Abbild Der Leere». The band’s story dates back to 2015, initially created FFF’s solo project, “putting forth abstract sound collages of blackened ambient and noise,” and eventually incorporating JJJ on drums and MMM on guitar and becoming a three-piece black metal band. It was with this line-up they created the band’s latest outing, 2018’s bleak EP «Das Ungebrochene Schweigen». After a guitarist change, they are now ready to unleash «Ein Abbild Der Leere», one which promises to lure listeners “in with abstract sound arrangements,” before building “up to fulminant drones of nearly orchestral magnitude.” Recorded by Ramon and Jonas in Berlin slightly over a year ago, mixed by Ramon,and mastered by Blomberg Studios, the album features art and layout by Hagiophobic, which you can see below, accompanying its first single, the monumental «Es verbrennt sich». “Echoing back from the walls of collapsing cathedrals and abandoned throne rooms comes a magnitude of desperate screeches, furious shouting, vicious screams, at times even solemn signing and cavernous growls,” the press release goes on to explain, “though being spawn forth with aggression and malice, the voices mutually recite thoughtfully worded poetry, contemplating transience, insignificance, desolation, and spite.”

«Ein Abbild Der Leere» is set for release on February 18 through BreathSunBoneBlood and Wolves of Hades on digital and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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«Das Ungebrochene Schweigen» was independently released on November 14, 2018, with subsequent cassette issues via Wolves of Hades and Howling Frequency. It can be found here on digital format.

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