The Devil & The Universe to release «GOATopia»

Cover photo by Werner Nowak.

Ritual goatwave specialists The Devil & The Universe will see their new album «GOATopia» released next week. The album is one brought forth “in the musical vortex of utopian visions and wishful dream images of a future past,” one where they “pick up the psychedelic feeling from previous album «:Endgame 69:» and add new musical sounds.” Back last November, they began to goad us into their festivities via the «The Great God Pan Is Dead (Long Live The Great God Pan)» single, which you can see below through a video directed by Edie Calie.

As its text explains, “Pan’s death is heralded, only to immediately resurrect him again. Because lust, ecstasy and life can’t be killed, but they are rather an occasion to celebrate!” Further intoxication opportunities appeared by way of «Spleen Cockaigne», released last November and streamable below.

Finally, third single «Echotopia» has recently arrived. As things stand, “utopia is dead. Long live Goatopia. Viva! GOATopia!

«GOATopia» is set for release on January 28 via Aufnahme + Wiedergabe and Solar Lodge on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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