Zeal & Ardor to release self-titled album

What started in 2013 as a mixture of spirituals and black metal and grew to international acclaim in 2016 has now become an experimental metal hybrid whose influences range from said spirituals, to a wide range of black subgenres, electronic music, and cinema, as will soon be displayed in Zeal & Ardor‘s third self-titled album. The new album was written and (outside the drums, which were recorded by frequent collaborator Marc Obrist) recorded by the band’s ceator and mastermind Manuel Gagneux, with mixture and mixing done by the renowned Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio. Below, find the beautiful first single of the album, «Golden Liar», whose video was directed by Max Carlo Kohal

It’s very experimental, we never wanted to paint ourselves into a corner,” explains Gangeux, “this record is more straight lined – it’s where we want to be sonically.” Written by Manuel over a period of three months, «Zeal & Ardor» carries on the alternative history explored in past albums, “where black slaves turned to Satan to rebel.” Below, you can hear the two songs that follow «Golden Lia» in the album, namely, «Erase» and «Bow».

As one can by now notice, the overtly political lyrics of the «Wake Of A Nation» EP have taken a backside. As Gagneux exlpains, “I kind of wanted to just make music again without it obviously meaning anything,” adding that “it’s as vague as ever. It does mean something to me, and I have messages that I put there for myself, but I’m kind of hesitant to say, ‘this is exactly how it is meant to be interpreted’.” The experiments have also gone beyond just what is in the album, with its second song «Run» having been remixed by GEIZ after its single release. Below, you can watch its original video, directed by Garrick J. Lauterbach, and follow that up with the remixed version. Finally, you’ll find the album’s eleventh song, «Götterdämmerung».

«Zeal & Ardor» is set for release on February 11 via MVKA on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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