CunninLynguists to release successor of «Oneirology»

The Villain, Nattie, and Kno are fucking back! Ever since the brilliant «Oneirology», CunninLynguists have been keeping busy with their solo output and the third volume of their «Strange Journey» series. The lack of a full-length endeavour is about to change with the release of «Rose Azura Njano». The first single of the upcoming album has been released and can be heard below, via HipHopDX.

As producer Kno mentioned to HipHopDX when releasing the single, the record stands mostly as “a celebration of black music and the many different styles and messages and overall impact it has had on American culture and on the world.” In the same interview, whose reading we recommend, he also makes comments regarding the overarching socio-political leanings behind the record.

For those who keep up with the trio’s bandcamp (and you should, as their discography is there and is amazing), you might have noticed that the two EPs released this year, «The Rose» on April 1 and «The Azura» on July 29, have been taken out. Fear not, as that material turns out to be part of «Rose Azura Njano».

«Rose Azura Njano» is set for release via RBC Records on October 6.

Cover photo above by Phil Emerson.

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