ASOCIAL to release first recordings since 1994

Recently, Swedish d-beat pioneers Asocial have performed a string of comeback shows in Sweden, the first since 1997. Then, on February 22, the band dropped the following bomb, “We will record some new stuff in April for a 12″ (…) Expect nothing else than old classic riffs from the 80’s!” The release in question is called «Död åt kapitalismen», Swedish for death to capitalism. Italian label FOAD has recently unveiled a song from the album, «Krigsbarn», which you can hear below.

«Död åt kapitalismen» is set for release on September 21 via FOAD Records in a vinyl edition of 500 copies. Pre-orders are available at this location. Finally, for those curious about the band’s current live form, here’s a clip of them performing «Asocial Attack» on their February 2 appearance at the Cyklopen in Stockholm.

Cover photography for this article by Robin Mattsson.

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