Gnaw set to unleash «Cutting Pieces» upon as all

A Sutekh Hexen / Hissing split, seventy something minutes of Primitive Man made bleakness, a new Bell Witch record, and Iron Monkey‘s return; as if October wasn’t already poised to be filled with heavy and unsettling music, now it turns out we’ll also have a new Gnaw full-length to digest. Coming four years after the viscerally harrowing «Horrible Chamber», «Septic» is the band’s third LP, the first featuring Dana Schechter from Insect Ark (formerly from Angels Of Light) on lap steel guitar. She joins a line-up comprised of the legendary Alan Dubin, Brian Beatrice, Carther Thornton, Eric Neuser, and Jun Mizumachi. The band has released on track from «Cutting Pieces», entitled «Septic» and featuring Stefania Alos Pedretti from OvO on guest vocals. «Septic» can be heard via Decibel on this location.


«Cutting Pieces» was mostly written by Thornton, Dubin, and Beatrice, with the latter also handling the mixing, whilst James Plotkin is responsible for the mastering, as had already happened in both «This Face» and «Horrible Chamber». The design of the cover displayed above was done by French designer Sebastien Hayez, also reprising his role from the two aforementioned records.

Gnaw‘s «Cutting Pieces» is then set to release on October 20 by Translation Loss.

Photography atop of this article by Samantha Marble.

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