Primitive Man release «Steel Casket»

Last year, Primitive Man recorded (April) and released (October) their highly anticipated second full-length album «Caustic». As they had done in 2013 when they released both «Scorn» and the noise album «P // M», they also released the then-titled «Fear / Life of Turmoil» in 2017. The story this time goes that during the recording of «Caustic» in Dave Otero‘s Flatline Audio in Denver, Colorado, “a schedule opening” meant that there was “an extra day available for recording”. The band subsequently entered the studio to write and record the two songs that became «Fear / Life of Turmoil» and that will now be released under the title of «Steel Casket» in physical format.

A shorter version of the same story is that the band “paid for an extra day at flatline audio to record some 20th century music,” as they put it last year. «Steel Casket» is available through Crown & Thorne (here) as a cassette and will soon be released by Baneful Genesis in vinyl. Unfortunately for European consumers, the cassette release by Tartarus Records is sold out.


Primitive Man is currently nearing the end of their United Kingdom tour alongside Bismuth, after which they return to the US and embark on a month-long west coast tour. While this time around they did not hit continental Europe, they are set to do so to some extent after the Summer, having confirmed their presence in the 2018 edition of Bloodshed, alongside Vermin Womb with whom they share their vocalist/guitarist Ethan McCarthy.

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