Thou release «The House Primordial»

Not since 2014’s «Heathen» have we had the pleasure of listening to a new Thou full-length. Their return to the full-length format will take place with the release of «Magus». In the meantime, the Baton Rouge quintet has released an EP, two collaborations with The Body, a split with Great Falls and another with Barghest. Today, they release another EP, «The House Primordial», which you can stream below.

The release, which the band stated is the “first in a series of small releases we’ll be putting out leading up to our new full length” comes just two days after the end of their European tour with Converge, Crowbar, and Grave Pleasures. The tour began in Tilburg with all four bands playing the legendary Roadburn festival. Thou‘s presence in the festival was unlike that of their peers, as they performed a joint set with The Body, one which included not only material from the collaborations but a few covers, as can be seen below. Remember, “everyday, things are getting worse”.

«The House Primordial» is now available through Robotic Empire in digital format and can be acquired here and here. Vinyl version is set to be released later in May through Raw Sugar Records. Further note that when announcing the record last week, Robotic Empire mentioned that there’s a lot more to come for Thou in the coming months and that they will have an official announcement on that topic on May 29.

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