Caput Mortuum – «Return Of The Sinister»

By now, it’s sort of known that Gnaw Their Tongues‘ mastermind Mories does not do a lot of future-planning when it comes to what he will write and release and under what moniker he will do so. Befitting of this picture, he recently released the fourth record by Caput Mortuum, «Return Of The Sinister» without so much of a warning, which you can stream below.

This EP follows last year’s «Cold Winds On The Bare Mountain» (available digitally here) and 2015’s duo of «His Sombre Wrath» (here) and «Cult Of Doom» (here). As succinctly explained in the record’s bandcamp page, «Return Of The Sinister» was “recorded 2018 in a spasm of hate by maurice at DBJ III, drachten, the netherlands”. As thereby hinted, «Return Of The Sinister» is the harshest Caput Mortuum record thus far, opener «rope burn» hits you in the face with relentless programmed drumming, a wall of noise and black metal screeches without even bothering to include the overt electronic moods found in previous records. In contrast, those elements dominate the chilling «hunting knife», where any black metal leanings are put aside in favour of the noise / dark ambient that often shows up in the most eerie of Gnaw Their Tongues songs. Whatever scepticism might arise when a record is said to be crafted “in a spasm of hate” is cast aside here, this is man that owns this sounds like no one else and it is therefore not a surprise how intense and gloriously difficult «Return Of The Sinister» turns out to be.

Quick Update

We had previously reported on an upcoming split between Offerbeest and Clawing. As it turns out, that’s not the only Offerbeest offering of analogue electronics to look forward to in 2018. Later this year, there will be a as of yet untitled record coming out in a cd edition limited to 300 copies featuring a 12 page booklet. One of its tracks, «Cut Out Their Hearts» is already available and can be heard below.

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