News round-up: Blanck Mass, DNMF, and Jute Gyte

An electronic artist blasting an EP of “anti-macho” pop songs with overt punk hardcore overtones, the return of DNMF, and four hours of ambient by microtonal black metal pioneer Jute Gyte. Not an easy batch.

Blanck Mass release surprising single

Last year while touring, Benjamin John Power was at a truck stop when he witnessed something which would inspire the most recent single of his electronics solo project Blanck Mass. The new single release, titled «Odd Scene / Shit Luck» after its two tracks and streamable below, is a call back to Power’s old days in the punk hardcore scene.

As the musician explained in the single’s press release, it arguably comprises Blanck Mass’ “snottiest material”, further describing it as “a couple of Anti-macho pop songs about a pair of walking hard-ons I surreptitiously observed at a truck stop whilst I was out touring last year.

«Odd Scene / Shit Luck» is available as a 12” vinyl via Sacred Bones and can be acquired here.

Dead Neanderthals and Machinefabriek’s second collaboration

In 2014, Dutch free-jazz duo Dead Neanderthals and sound artist Machinefabriek released their first self-titled collaboration under the alias DNMF (still available digitally here). The trio has now returned with a second collaboration by the name of «Smelter» which you can stream below – it’s only a forty-minute long subtle-yet-thunderous drone track.

«Smelter» is out now on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats through Dead Neanderthals (here), Machinefabriek (here), Moving Furniture Records (here) and Tartarus Records (here, tape only).

Further note that on May 13 there will be a live presentation of «Smelter» taking place in De Ruimte in Amsterdam. Details and tickets can be found at this location.

Jute Gyte’s immense ambient record

Missouri based composer Jute Gyte has just pushed his output to twenty-eight releases in slightly over ten years. Thankfully, with that quantity comes a fascinatingly complex array of records, with each of his microtonal black metal efforts providing not only audio material to dissect for long periods of time but often carrying equally thought provoking liner notes. Moreover, his revolutionary work in black metal is only half of the story, as there is plenty of electronic and ambient material in the discography – a good way to know what to expect is to pay attention to the different logos used in the album’s artwork.

Under way since 2002, the newly released «Penetralia», which you can hear below, fits the non-metal side of his output that had not seen the light of day since 2015’s «Dialectics». As could perhaps be expected given the man’s compositional range, the similarities between the two records lie exclusively in the total lack of metal elements, with «Penetralia» focusing more on ambient rather than discrete electronic elements.

«Penetralia» is digitally available here in a name your price regime. Interestingly, Gyte opted to not reveal any liner notes discussing the writing process of «Penetralia».

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