The Throat returns

Dutch lo-fi specialists The Throat are back after a short hiatus (so short that for any other label it would not have been addressed) with five new tape releases, which as usual are not for the faint of heart. Below, find a quick run down of the offerings which bring the label’s release-count to one hundred and thirty five in about seven years. All records can be ordered here.

First, there’s atmospheric and dissonant black metal by the debuting Anomaly, a new project involving a member of dutch black metal outfit Disequilibrium. Titled «Morasco (I Am Only A Man)», the record focuses on the concept of Toynbee tiles, small cryptic messages embedded in asphalt found in American (both North and South) cities since the 80’s seemingly containing references to ideas from British historian Arnold Toynbee, Kubrick’s «2001: A Space Odyssey» and related writings by Arthur C. Clarke (Morasco is a reference to an alias used by the tile’s creator James Morasco.

Things get considerably nastier with the absurdly lo-fi black / death contained in «Rebirth Of Forbidden Witchery» Croatian act Phezulu, about whom little is known except that they are part of the so-called “Black Ash Circle”, a fact that is also not that illuminating as there does not seem to be any public information about it either.

Next up is the second release of Dutch duo Unholy Sacrament, «Profane Apotheosis», aptly described by the label as “ultra primitive and evile (sic) death / black metal.” The band’s debut on The Throat comes only a few months after their debut demo «Shaytaniun (Promo MMXVIII)», whose two tracks are part of this new record.

From black / death to noise drenched black metal, The Throat is now releasing a compilation of both Conjuración Repugnante records, namely, 2013’s self-titled demo and 2014’s split with Aiqëhahirit. Hence, the cassette’s side A contains the demo, of which only 20 copies were originally made, whilst side B contains the band’s tracks from the split, albeit with a different sound, as the original split release was “severely lacking in sound due to a production error.”

Finally, there’s the second demo by Australian dark ambient project Mental Decay, simply titled «Demo II». It comprises the project’s third The Throat release after last year’s «Relapse Into Insanity/Deterioration of Consciousness» demo and split with Perceneus, both of which are available digitally here.

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