News round-up: Dopethrone, Theologian, and Wrang

News on upcoming releases, containing filthy doom from Canada, power electronics from the US, and black metal from The Netherlands.

Dopethrone reveal «Killdozer»

Québécois fiends Dopethrone are gearing up to the release of their fifth full-length «Transcanadian Anger» later this month. As the time draws near, they are unveiling tracks by way of official videos, which as anyone who was following them around the «Hochelaga» period could predict, are particularly good in a silly Dopethrone-esque kind of way. Below, find the video for «Killdozer», the record’s sixth track.

«Transcanadian Anger» will be the first Dopethrone record to feature Shawn Creature (Perverted Justice, Squalor, among others) on drums. Moreover, it will also mark the return of Julie Unfortunate as a guest singer in closer «Miserabilist» (she had previously participated in «Zombi Powder» from «Dark Foil»). Below, further recall the other previously released track from the record, the speed-hymn known as «Snort Dagger».

Set for release in cd and vinyl formats on May 25 via Totem Cat Records, «Transcanadian Anger» can be pre-ordered here. Finally, note that Dopethrone will be hitting Europe on June 22 for a three weeks tour (tickets and information available here) alongside Bongzilla and Sons Of Otis, which will be followed by a two week US tour with Crud (additional information at this location).

Theologian to release «Reconcile»

Emblematic power electronics act Theologian is gearing up for another release entitled «Reconcile», whose artwork featuring a photo by K. Berlin can be seen below. The new pieces are set for release during Theologian’s presence at Darkness Descends – A Post Industrial Gathering on June 16 (more info here) and will feature participations from Andy Grant from The Vomit Arsonist, Derek Rush from Dream Into Dust, and Mike McClatchey from Lament Cityscape who is also in charge of mixing. For the performance in Darkness Descends, both Rush, Grant and Murderous Vision‘s Stephen Petrus will join Lee Bartow on stage, turning Theologian into a four-piece for the occasion.


«Reconcile» will be available on June 16 through Cloister Recordings. Below, recall Theologian’s last two releases, last year’s «Forced Utopia» and the collaboration with The Vomit Arsonist «The Icy Bleakness Of Things» released earlier this year by.

The latter is still available both in digital and tape format at this location, whereas the former has sold out in physical format but is digitally available here.

Wrang announce «Domstad swart metael»

Dutch black metal trio Wrang have just announced the upcoming release of their first album «Domstad swart metael», thus following «Demo 2015» and a split with Arrogant Destruktor, both of which are digitally available here. Below, listen to the opening title track of «Domstad swart metael», featuring guest vocals from Grafjammer‘s J (given that every Grafjammer member signs with a name beginning in J, we can conjecture that it refers to the vocalist Jorre, but that’s merely a conjecture) and piano by Tobias Janssen.

«Domstad swart metael» was recorded and mixed by W. Damiaen (Laster, Nevel, Verval, and Willoos) at Utrecht’s Catacomben Studios and is set for release sometime later this year. It has also been announced by independent dutch label Worship The Goat that a split between Grafjammer and Wrang is set for release later this year.

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