News round-up: Crowhurst, Dopethrone, and Kurushimi

Good news: Crowhurst has returned to its harsh noise ways, Dopethrone have released their fifth full-length, and Kurushimi put out a new EP of improvisational madness. Cover picture above by RH Photography & Design.

Crowhurst release first album since 2016

If what you yearn for in a Crowhurst record is such that «II» felt a bit too polished, the band’s return full-length after two years might be right up your alley. In other words, there’s a new noise Crowhurst record. Entitled «Break Their Spirit», it was digitally released a week ago in and can be obtained in a “name your price” system in this location. Below, you can stream the three studio pieces plus the live version of «Just Say No».

No physical edition of «Break Their Spirit» is planned. Finally, recall that a collaboration with Gnaw Their Tongues entitled «Burning Ad Infinitum» is set to be released this summer by Crown and Throne.

Dopethrone release «Transcanadian Anger»

They started teasing it about a month ago with the video for «Snort Dagger» and pushed it further a couple of weeks ago with «Killdozer»’s video, about which we wrote here. Now, «Transcanadian Anger», Dopethrone’s fifth full-length in ten years of existence and first since 2015’s great «Hochelaga» has been released to the world. Below, you can stream it in its entirety.

The record can be obtained digitally here in a “name your price” system. Physical editions in cd and vinyl format can be purchased through Totem Cat Records at this location.

Kurushimi release «Return 2: The Grove»

Australian improvisational free-grind (think free-jazz meets grindcore meets all sorts of weird noise awesomeness) collective Kurushimi has released the second instalment in their «Return» series, entitled «Return 2: The Grove» and available for streaming below this paragraph. The new EP follows the blueprint laid out last year in «Return 1: Kimon», which can be revisited and acquired in digital format here and which consisted in a reinterpretation of the song «Kimon» from their debut self-titled record from back in 2016. In «Return 2: The Grove», the other massive song from «Kurushimi» is reinterpreted, namely, the thirteen minute behemoth that is «The Grove». As with the original version of the song, the reinterpretation remains anchored in the short story «Yabu no Naka», written by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa in 1922, which can be found here.

Unlike what they did with «Return 1: Kimon», the new entry on the series does not comprise exclusively a reinterpreted song and a live setting, but also includes a fully original piece entitled «An Overwhelming Sense of Dread». As the press release states, the new EP comes at a time in which Kurushimi are working on the follow-up to 2016’s «Shōtotsu», so the new song can very well point one towards the direction the new record shall follow. «Return 2: The Grove» is available here in a “name your price” system.

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