Urarv stream new EP

Idiosyncratic black metal trio Urarv (seen above, picture by Sunvemetal) has put forth their new EP «Argentum» for streaming ahead of its official release this coming Friday through Svart Records. The new record comes almost one year after the release of their debut album «Aurum» and it was indeed recorded at the same time as the full-length. To listen to the EP in its entirety, head over to Invisible Oranges, here (we’d also recommend heading here to become a patron for IO). Edit: the record is now available at the band’s bandcamp, so you can just press play below.

Recall that back in 2016, Urarv released a first demo mere days after the announcement that Aldrahn had once more left the mighty Dødheimsgard. Urarv had, nonetheless, been on the works for quite some time. More precisely, it dates back to 2003 “during a stay that I had at the local mental institution where I live,” says Aldrahn, adding that “it began dawning on me one evening as I was locked out on to the perimeter of the facilities to have a stroll.” What it wasn’t supposed to be then was the black metal band that it now is. Instead, it was going to be a “folkish song-oriented solo-project.” It wasn’t until 2013, ten years later, when enough material for the full-length released by Svart last year had taken shape that it proved to be necessary to expand the line-up, which now also includes Sturt on bass (Troll and Whip) and Canadian drummer Trish (Elände among many others, also currently the live drummer for Bode Preto and Craft).

Recall Urarv’s debut LP «Aurum» at this location. The new EP «Argentum» will be officially released on June 1st by Svart Records. Both the EP and the LP can be ordered here.

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