Turia & Vilkacis release split record

It has been a while since its announcement, but the Turia and Vilkacis split has now been released. First made available for stream in its entirety over at Invisible Oranges, it can now be streamed over at the band’s respective bandcamps, which we have embedded below for your convenience.

As it pertains to Vilkacis, recall that it is the solo project of M. Rekevics, whose debut full-length «Beyond The Mortal Gate» was released last month. The North-American musician is known for his activities as the drummer of Fell Voices and Yellow Eyes, among others within the black metal and punk spectrum. As the split’s press release states, his career can be seen as possessing a common vision, “one of strife, overcoming and the annihilation of all that binds our physical selves to this earth,” one which sees its strongest manifestation in Vilkacis, if only due to the project resulting from his vision alone.

The Turia side also follows a full-length release, in this case last year’s well received (for good reason) sophmore album «Dede Kondre» (here). It was in fact during the record’s sessions that the two songs that now appear in this split were recorded. Lyrically, the songs deal with “the writings of Marguerite Porete, a 13th and 14th century French mystic. Through her autonomous union with the divine, bypassing the patriarchal authority of the church, she was deemed a heretic and subsequently burned at the stake.”


The split’s artwork was crafted by Yu Rim Chung, whilst mastering duties befell Turia’s frequent collaborator Peter Johan Nÿland.

Jointly released last Friday by Haeresis Noviomagi, Psychic Violence, and Altare Productions, the split is available in cassette, digital and vinyl formats. The tape edition can be ordered here for US costumers (the remainder of the PV store is also ripe with interesting releases, amongst which the Vilkacis LP we mentioned above) and in the Haeresis Noviomagi store for European costumers. The vinyl edition can be obtained both in the Haeresis store and through Altare, at this location. Finally, both halves are digitally available in the name your price system (here and here).

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