Label update: Vrasubatlat

It’s Monday and our favourite label has put out a new dose of psychosis-inducing music. Ugh.

Pissblood unleashes debut LP

As we had reported on three weeks ago, Pissblood is about to release its debut LP after a formation upheaval that saw three departures and two entrances since the first demo «Fevered Dreams Of Delirium» (you can revisit those four Pasolini-worshipping songs here). The self-titled album, which you can hear below, showcases a wider range of nasty lo-fi punk influences, with the label’s press release ending with the following call to arms, “scorch the earth, fall into the dirt, and writhe in piss.

«Pissblood» was recorded by JH, mixed and mastered by AO, and features artwork by Dan Fried from Predatory Light, who is also the current live bassist for Adzalaan, Triumvir Foul, and Vassafor.

Utzalu streams «Idiot Hell»

Speaking of formation changes, since the lovely «Loins Of Repentance» released last summer (revisit it here), only Vrasubatlat’s founder R remains within the Utzalu banner, with T replaced by L on drums and previous live bassist H (from Ritual Knife) becoming a permanent member. As explained by the label, «Idiot Hell» sees the outfit turning from “extrinsic hatred to the depths of selfish psychosis” and returning to the project’s punk roots, further describing the record, which you can stream below, as a “decrepit pathway for the indulgent, the weak and most of all… the starving. Punish your existence and collapse between the caving walls.

As with «Pissblood», «Idiot Hell» was recorded by JH, with mixing and mastering done by AO. The artwork seen above was done by Alex York.

Both records, along with Filth Column‘s second release «Crowned Master» from last month and a second pressing of Mróz‘s «Charnel Ground» are now available in cassette format at the label’s store. These are so-called pre-release editions and are limited to 30 copies. All four records are expected to have a pro-press release within the next month. Their digital version can be purchased here.

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