Mirrors For Psychic Warfare bring the real death disco

Cover photo by Julie Patterson.

Mirrors For Psychic Warfare, the project which brings together Scott Kelly and Sanford Parker, is gearing its ugly head once again and about to release its second full-length album, «I See What I Became». Coming two years after the acclaimed self-titled debut, it has been described by Aesop Dekker in its press release as “even more unnerving and destructive” than its predecessor. The drummer went on to add that it’s claustrophobic nature will evoke all we “hold dear from Skinny Puppy, Foetus, Godflesh,” so the industrial connection clearly remains.

An official video, created by Chariot Of Black Moth, has already emerged from «I See What I Became». More concretely, a video for its sixth track, «Crooked Teeth», which was premiered by Revolver a couple of weeks ago. As can be heard below, not only has their industrial seemingly gotten heavier, but elements from genres have creeped in their sound, mostly electronic passages (alongside some dub flavour), the likes of which Parker experimented with in his solo outing «Lash Back».

Another way of putting it with regards to «Crooked Teeth», as done by the record’s producer Seward Fairbury, is to say that it “is exactly the kind of mind disgracing garbage I have come to expect from these two fuckers. It’s not nice, so go fuck yourselves this is the real Death Disco.” More recently, the record’s second track, «Tomb Puncher» has also become available for exclusive streaming via CVLT Nation at this location.

«I See What I Became» will be officially released by Neurot on September 28, was produced by Seward Fairbury, mastered by Collin Jordan and mixed by Dave French. Its artwork, displayed below, was authored by Thomas Hooper. Pre-orders for cd, digital, and vinyl editions of the album are available at this location.


Finally, not only did Chariot Of The Black Moth craft the video above, they also created a trailer for «I See What I Became», which you can see here.

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