Cirrhus returns with more maddening black metal

It has been awhile since the world has witnessed a full-length of Cirrhus‘ peculiar take on raw black metal, five years to be more precise. The north American quintet has now remedied the situation with the release of «Unimpeachable Madness» through CW Productions.

Per the press release, the album’s six songs have been played live and rehearsed for a series of years, culminating in their now recorded and released form. While not intended as such, it shares a feature with so-called “concept albums”, that of a certain consistency which became “story of opposition to common human experience, destructive rejection of the environment and nature, undefinable psychic perversions, and in the end a beautiful form of cosmic ascendancy and violent zen through the embrace of complete, unimpeachable madness.” Below, you can listen to both the record’s opening track, «Cruelty’s Necessary Decision», and it’s fourth, «Acknowledge The Ultimate Freedom».


«Unimpeachable Madness» is out in cassette format and can be ordered here.

Quick Update

Self-proclaimed purveyors of brown metal Lugubrum have restored their old-school website at this location. There, they have revealed the title of their upcoming record to be «Plage Chômage» and that their December 1st show in the outskirts of Brussels will be the first chance to hear material from the record.

On a post made earlier this summer, the band mentioned that the then untitled successor of last year’s «Wakar Cartel», which you can stream above, would be recorded during this winter. Then, they mentioned that in order to raise funds for the recording, they’d be putting their entire digital discography for sale with 40% discount. This promotion is still ongoing and the (digital) records are available here.

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