Don’t Disturb My Circles unveil song from «Lower Canopy» EP

Cover photo by Pedro Roque.

After more than three years of silence, Portuguese hardcore quartet Don’t Disturb My Circles is gearing up for the release of a new EP, entitled «Lower Canopy». The band has described the successor of «Lugubrious Cacophonous» as comprising “4 bursts made of what’s gone and what is yet to come.” Below, you can listen to one such burst, «Devil’s Shoes», which the band premiered earlier this week through Loud! magazine.

«Lower Canopy» is set for a joint release through Ring Leader and Regulator Records on September 29. The EP is also set to be available for streaming on the following Monday, October 1.

Finally, notice that «Lugubrious Cacophonous» is still available in digital and cassette format at this location.

Quick Update

After its digital and cassette release in February and April of this year, Chevalier‘s impressive second EP «Chapitre II» is now available on green vinyl through Gates Of Hell and can be ordered here. Below, you can stream the three songs comprising the EP to understand why speed metal fans throughout are drooling at the prospect of their first full-length.

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