News round-up: Gnaw Their Tongues, Miserable, Roht

Today, we take a quick look at some sweet late October releases that we hadn’t reported on.

Gnaw Their Tongues’s new EP

As usual, Mories has been having a rather prolific year release-wise. On October 26, Gnaw Their Tongues released their fourth album of 2018, «The Atrocious Silence of Our Wounds», which you can hear below. It follows the «Genocidal Majesty» LP, the «Burning Ad Infinitum» collaboration with Crowhurst, and the «Aan het licht teruggeven» EP. In typical Gnaw Their Tongues fashion, the release did not come with any fanfare or press releases, but with a post simply stating “Free EP” alongside the link for the bandcamp embedded below.

«The Atrocious Silence of Our Wounds» was released on October 26 and is available in digital format here. On related news, the «Burning Ad Infinitum» collaboration was made available in cassette format by Tartarus Records on November 2 and can be ordered at this location.

Sargent House puts out Miserable’s «Loverboy / Dog Days»

A day before the release of «The Atrocious Silence of Our Wounds», King Woman vocalist Kristina Esfandiari put out her new Miserable record, «Loverboy / Dog Days», the first since 2016’s full-length «Uncontrollable». As alluded to by the album’s title, its second half is a re-issue of 2015’s EP «Dog Days», whereas its first half consists of a new four-song collection entitled «Loverboy». All eight songs can be heard below.

To read more on «Loverboy»’s themes, we direct you towards the interviews given by Esfandiari to Flaunt (here) and Bust (here) whilst promoting the release through the streaming of «Gasoline» and the unveiling of an intense video for «Loverboy», directed by Thou‘s Mitch Wells.

«Loverboy / Dog Days» was released by Sargent House on October 26 in cd and digital format. It is available here (US) and here (Europe).

Roht fuses industrial and hardcore in new album

Earlier this week, we had an article on an upcoming record of Icelandic black metal. As we cap the news rounds of the week, we once again return to the north Atlantic island, this time for a blend of punk hardcore and industrial, courtesy of Roht. Last year, they released a self-titled EP via Iron Lung (available here in 7” format), which showcased their noise-punk side much more than the heavily industrial 2016 demo (get hooked, here). The newly released «Iðnsamfélagið Og Framtíð Þess», which you can hear below, gets all those sides to meet right in the middle or, as the label puts it, takes “the oddity and isolationism of hardcore punk and industrial noise” and smashes “them even further together than they did on previous releases.

Released on October 26 by Iron Lung, «Iðnsamfélagið Og Framtíð Þess» is available in vinyl format at this location. The digital version can be obtained in the bandcamp link above.

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