Pràva Kollektiv streams «MMXVIII – MMXIX»

Earlier week, we wrote a piece about the upcoming set of releases by the Pràva Kollektiv. Said releases consist of four full-lengths, six re-released demos, and a compilation of the A-sides of those same demos. The four full-lengths involved are Arkhtinn‘s «最初の災害», Voidsphere‘s «To Await | To Expect», Mahr‘s «Antelux» (which had previously been only released in cassette and cd formats), and Hwwauoch‘s self-titled debut. As had been further announced by the collective, despite physical copies being set for release through Amor Fati Productions, their digital promotion is being taken care of by Fallen Empire Records, who have now released a sampler of the four aforementioned LP, which you can stream below.

The sampler contains two full songs, Hwwauoch‘s «Three Phantoms, One Heart», which is therefore the first available song from the project, Mahr‘s «Onirism», and two excerpts, one from Voidsphere‘s «The Void Expects» and another from Arkhtinn‘s «二番». Recall that cassette and cd formats are set for release later this month by Amor Fati, with digital versions set for release around the same time by Fallen Empire.

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