Pràva Kollektiv announces 2018-2019 release campaign

During the past five years, black metal act Arkhtinn has been carving a name for itself within the realms of atmospheric black metal with ambient overtones, with six demo releases structured as one side of black metal in the vein of Darkspace and another of eerie dark ambient. Around April last year, it was revealed that the anonymous musicians behind Arkhtinn had formed a collective with other “devoted” individuals, the Pràva Kollektiv, and that other projects would surface soon. That very July, Voidsphere emerged and their first album, «To Speak | To Call», was released in october alongside Arkhtinn‘s «V».

Jumping ahead to 2018, another PK entity surfaced in March, namely, Mahr, who released one of the year’s most impressive black metal albums in «Antelux».

Now, the collective has announced a string of four releases through Amor Fati Productions (somewhat alongside Fallen Empire Records, see below for details). These are the first full-length of Arkhtinn, entitled «最初の災害», the debut self-titled record of the thus far unknown entity Hwwauoch, the second Voidsphere album, «To Await | To Expect», and a vinyl release of «Antelux», which so far had only been released on cassette, cd, and digital formats. By the end of the so-called “Pràva Campagin 2018-2019”, all four records will have been released in cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats.


However, that is not all, as can be seen from the right-hand side of the picture above. Also part of the campaign are the re-issues of all six demos of Arkthinn issued on cassette format in an edition of 100 copies each, as well as a triple vinyl entitled «IIIIIIIVVVI» containing the A-side of each compilation (the black metal track).

As explained in the collective’s announcement, high factory turnaround times implies that the campaign will be split into two batches, with all cassettes and cd set for release in November 2018, while the vinyl releases are expected within the first quarter of 2019. Finally, it is worth citing the clarification present in the aforementioned announcement regarding Amor Fati and Fallen Empire:

With the end of Fallen Empire Records, we have decided to have all physical releases done by Amor Fati Productions. However, Fallen Empire Records will still be curating all digital streams/downloads through the FE Bandcamp. American customers will be able to pre-order all releases from the FE store.

Voidsphere’s «To Call | To Speak» is available here (cassette and vinyl) and here (cassette, cd, and vinyl), Mahr’s «Antelux» can be found here in cd format, while Arkhtinn’s cd compilations «IIII» and «IVVVI» can be respectively ordered here and here.

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