Svartidauði release video for «Wolves Of A Red Sun»

Arguably the band whose first full-length kick-started the whole Icelandic black metal scene in 2012, Svartidauði are finally ready to release its successor, six years to the day of its release. The record is titled «Revelations Of The Red Sword», where the sword is a reference to the rays of the sun, as explained in the press release, “the Red Sword refers to the rays of a rising- and a setting sun, encompassing its contents in the fire and the fury of our world’s most creative and destructive force, the glowing God up above, the Sun – Celebrating its howling solar winds, all the while waiting with anticipation for the inevitable heat death of the universe.

Below, witness the official video for the record’s fourth track, «Wolves Of A Red Sun», with animation by David Thelen, artwork by David Glomba, and additional artwork by Karmazid.

«Revelations Of The Red Sword» is set for release via Ván Records cd, digital, and vinyl formats on December 3. Pre-orders for the physical formats (alongside shirts) are available at this location .It was recorded and produced at Studio Emissary by Stephen Lockhart, who is also responsible for its interludes and, together with Edda Guðmundsdóttir, also credited with the album’s choirs. Below, you can listen to the other so far released single, «Burning Worlds of Excrement».

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