News round-up: Devil Worshipper, Gnaw Their Tongues, and Svartidauði

We’ve got what boils down to quick updates featuring new music from recent pieces on Devil Worshipper, Gnaw Their Tongues, and Svartidauði.

First song from Devil Worshipper’s debut revealed

A couple of days after our piece on I, Voidhanger‘s upcoming release of «Music For The Endtimes», the debut album by Devil Worshipper, the record’s sixth track, «Melancholy Loves The Dark» was premiered at No Clean Signing. The eight minute-long piece can be heard below, while the lyrics can be found at the aforelinked premier.

«Music For The Endtimes» is set for release on December 14 by I, Voidhanger in cd and digital formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.

Gnaw Their Tongues stream «Kapmeswonden en Haatliederen»

With this one, the time-span between our previous piece and new music being released is even shorter, as we wrote about the upcoming release of «Kapmeswonden en Haaltiederen» on Thursday and the album was put online on Friday in its entirety (the bandcamp’s release date of January 1 is the result of a since-discarded release plan for that date).

Svartidauði stream «Revelations of the Red Sword»

Finally, ahead of its release a week from now, Icelandic black metal entity Svartidauði have made their second full-length album, «Revalations of the Red Sword», available for stream in its entirety. Recall that the band had previously released an official video for «Wolves Of A Red Sun». The album features artwork by Dávid Glomba and was recorded with support from The Music Recording Fund of The Icelandic Centre for Research.

«Revelations of the Red Sword» is set for release through Ván Records on December 3 in cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.

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