Croatian Amor announces «Isa»

Prolific Danish artist Loke Rahbek has announced that «Isa», his next record under the Croatian Amor moniker, will be released early next year. The record features a series of guest artists, recruited by Rahbek “to realise a nauseating narrative of virtual communication and eschatological programming.” Indeed, «Dark Cut», the first song of «Isa» to be made available, features vocals from HTRK singer Jonnine Standish.

Enhance photo to reveal a picture of Bird caught mid-flight; enhance again, the bird has a human face screaming.

«Isa» is set for release on January 25 in digital and vinyl formats via Posh Isolation. Pre-orders are available at this location. The artwork featured on its cover was done by Amitai Romm. Other guests set to appear in the record include Alto Aria, Frederikke Hoffmeier (whom you might know as Puce Mary), Soho Rezanejad, and Yves Tumor.

Tracing reflections that float in the pool: the water is lost in all images. Two skies hold glass billboards.

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