Line-up update: Bloodshed 2019

Earlier this month, the first headliner of the 2019 edition of Eindhoven’s beloved Bloodshed Festival was announced, as were other names that will perform in the next edition of what is becoming a benchmark event in DIY and left-wing oriented underground music.


The aforementioned headliner consists of renowned neo-crust collective From Ashes Rise who reunited late last decade. The Portland based quartet was joined in the confirmations by our favourite Canadian purveyors of drug fuelled sludge, Dopethrone, whose last album «Transcanadian Anger», was released last May.

Other names added to the line-up in this second batch were nasty American grindcore band BruceXCampbell, Japanese punk act Completed Exposition, and German expansive doom quartet Bad Luck Rides On Wheels. Recall that a first batch of confirmed names had been announced back in September, one day after this year’s edition. That batch was headlined by legendary Japanese punk band S.O.B., whose presence in the festival will be their only in Europe during 2019, together with fellow countryman and death/doom masters Coffins, Scottish one-man black /speed metal entity Hellripper, Malaysian d-beat worshippers Appäratus, and Dutch death metallers Defy The Curse.

The 2019 edition of Bloodshed Festival will take place at the Efenaar in Eindhoven, between September 13 and 14. Early bird tickets are available at this location until December 1. Later that month, another announcement regarding the upcoming edition will be made.

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