Spektator unveil debut album «1»

Imagine there is an online auction in which participants are encouraged to bid a couple of euros and the winner gets a randomly generated band name. Has the idea sunk in? Great, now think of all the Finnish artists you know and/or love and ask yourself, who would be more likely to jump at that opportunity? The answer is something along the lines of “the dudes from Circle!” isn’t it? Well, that actually happened, the randomly generated name is Spektator and its members are none other than Circle‘s founder, bassist, and main songwriter Jussi Lehtisalo, and his fellow Circle, Aktor, and Pharaoh Overlord co-conspirator and drummer Tomi Leppänen. Unlike what happens in the aforementioned bands, with Spektator they are both in charge of the same instruments, namely, a drum machine and a synth (even if the press-release ostensively presents them in different order for each musician).

The band’s debut is scheduled for release in January 2019 and is simply called «1». While we wait for its physical release, we can get acquainted with it, as it is available for stream in its entirety over at their band camp

In terms of influences, the album’s press release states that those range “from early acid house to Detroit techno, from modern classical to tribal music, robo-funk to early EBM, all done with slavish devotion to ever-so-subtle detail like the savants that Spektator are.” Excited? So are we.

«1» is set for release on January 18, 2019, via Ruton Music, a subsidiary of Ektro Records.

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