Label update: Denovali Records

Cover photo by Malthe Ivarsson.
German label Denovali Records has announced a set of three upcoming releases that are respectively set to quench one’s thirst for subtle electronics, post rock, and ambient piano compositions.

SaffronKeira explores unconscious creations in «Automatism»

Man is proud of his conscious mind that sets him apart from animals. For this reason he fears the unconscious and is fascinating by it at the same time

Sicilian sound investigator Eugenio Caria will be releasing a new album under his SaffronKeira moniker, the first since 2015’s «Synecdoche». As both the quote above and the «Automatism» title both suggest, it deals with processes that are not controlled by the conscious mind, more concretely, the title “refers to various forms of unconscious behaviour such as the unconscious creation of art which sees its culmination in pictures created by generative adversarial networks, a particular kind of artificially intelligent systems that can create artificial images, sound or text which are indistinguishable from real or human-made creations.” In an interesting, perhaps not entirely conscious twist, the album’s press release goes on to state that “it becomes clear that every sound has passed a meticulous refinement process.” Below, listen to fascinating tenth track from «Automatism», entitled «Conscious In Origin?».

«Automatism» is set for release through Denovali on March 29 on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.

The Pirate Ship Quintet release single from «Emitter»

Next on this batch of releases is «Emitter», the second full-length of The Pirate Ship Quintet, the post rock collective from Bristol whose 2012 debut «Rope For No-Hopers» had already been released by Denovali. The album’s eighth track, «Symmetry Is Dead», can be heard below and is ripe with both their intricate constructions and the beautiful cello passages that we have come to expect from Sandy Bartai (from the London Symphony Orchestra and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales).

«Emitter» will be released by Denovali on March 29 on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

Kuba Kapsa to release «Supersonic Moth»

Finally, Polish pianist and composer Kuba Kapsa will release his new piano solo album «Supersonic Moth», marking his return to the label after the 2015 and 2016 releases by the Kuba Kapsa Ensemble. The underlying idea of «Supersonic Moth» is the “disruptive contradiction of desiring something that might break one down or even kill. Everything that might be tempting. Everything that can push you down. And you know it. But you can’t resist it.” Below, you can listen to «Unspoken Is Better», the fifth track of the record.

As is further elaborated upon in its press release, the album was “basically written for upright piano played through felt, programmed electronic sounds and processed piano recordings in order to create in-depth atmospheres and sonic landscapes with a wide range of stimulating moods.” The gorgeous artwork seen above is authored by renowned duo of Kahn & Salesnick.

«Supersonic Moth» will be released by Denovali on March 29 on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. It can be pre-ordered at this location.

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