Paisiel’s debut re-released by Rocket Recordings

Cover photo by Nicholas Rabot.
Last year, Lovers & Lollypops released on cassette the eponymous debut by Paisiel (that edition has since sold out), the duo joining Portuguese percussionist, gong maker, and cymbalsmith João Pais Filipe and German composer and saxophonist Gabriel Julius. Now, Rocket Recordings is issuing a much deserved vinyl version of the «Paisiel», in which, according to its press release, the two musicians “move freely between the repetition of krautrock and techno, jazz, experimental music and other new musical categories,” creating “radio-graphic sounds that inhabits [sic] somewhere between the reception and the emission of a signal, like a cosmic telephone exchange.

«Paisiel» was originally released on cassette by Lovers & Lollypops on February 10, 2018. The vinyl edition by Rocket Recordings was released last week on March 22 and can be ordered here.

On a recent piece about João Pais Flipe over at Portuguese website Rimas e Batidas, it was further revealed that the second Paisiel album is currently being worked on. Moreover, it was confirmed that the percussionist is currently working on an upcoming studio record with British experimentalists Gnod.

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